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The non-existence of the (Satan).

Imagine No Satan

James    R.    Brayshaw     is    a    Canadian firefighter,   by   profession ,   who   has poured    some    cold    water    on    Satan and   the   fire   of   Hell.   James   presents the   concept   that   Satan   is   not   a   creation   of   God but   is   a   fabrication   of   man   in   a   4   vol.    set   of books he has written. ( Podcast Radio ) James   came   out   from   a   Pentecostal,   casting demons   out,   background   and   still   holds   to   a futuristic   view,   when   it   comes   to   eschatology, and    sees    immortality    as    something    literal instead    of    spiritual    as    well    as    the    NT    as documents   instead   of   Sola   Scriptura   which   he still   sees   as   beneficial   as   long   as   the   OT   is   used first    to    support    it    and    not    the    other    way around.   Jesus,   the   Christ,   known   as   Yeshua,   he also holds to as his personal Lord and Saviour.
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TaZ - on “whateverology”.

Tomsan           Kattackal,           from Bangalore,   India   has   a   Blog   that he      calls      his      “…thoughts      on theology,   eschatology,   soteriology, and    whateverology.”    For    those    seeking    an understanding    of    the    non-existence    of    the (Satan),   this   is   the   place   to   be   if   you   are   a beginner.   Be   aware   that   he   takes   the   stance   on Universalism,   which   I   am   against,   although   his writings are still worth the reading.
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Give The Devil His Due

Sheldon Emry, also a futurist, wrote a book entitled “Give The Devil His Due.” Emry   states    that”,,,the   ‘satan’   or   ‘devil’   of the   Bible   is   an   ‘adversary’   and   in   most   cases   is representative   of   man's   own   lusts   (James   1:13- 15),   his   own   “flesh”   (James   4:1-7),   his   wicked heart   (Jer.   17:9-10);   and   that   there   are   people who     are     so     under     the     control     of     this ‘adversary’   that   they   will   not   hear.   God   (John 8:44-77)” He   also   confirms   that   “…the   word   “Satan”   in the   original   Greek    and   Hebrew,    both   in   the   Old Testament   and   the   New,   comes   from   the   same word.    It   is   a   word   of   Chaldean   origin   which was   transliterated   by   the   Hebrews   and   picked up     by     the     Greeks     unchanged.     It     means “accuser,”     “adversary,”     “opponent,”     or     it means   “to   do   what   an   accuser,   adversary   or   an opponent does.”
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John Anderson

John     Anderson     was     a     former psychic   and   high   priest   of   a   Los Angeles   based   occult   group   in   the early    1970's.    In    that    group,    he went     from     being     deceived     to being   the   deceiver.   That   changed upon   his   conversion   to   Jesus   Christ   over   30 plus   years   ago.   In   his   quest   for   truth   and   to dispel   the   deception   of   the   occult   and   the   new age        movement,        he        authored        his autobiography," Psychic    Phenomena     Unveiled." John's    passion    for    truth    led    to    become    a serious   Bible   student.   His   studies   have   enabled him    to    teach    and    share    his    insights    and understandings    on    a    regular    basis.    He    was heard    every    week    on    the    " The    Voice    of Reason " radio broadcast which he hosted. Satan,   An   Authorized   Autobiography ,”   is   to be   read   as   a   fictional   bok   where   John   walks you   slowly   thru   to   discover   for   yourselves   that the   (Satan)   taught   wthin   churches,   these   days, i nothing but fiction. ( Amazon  & YouTube )
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The Blue Point Bible Church

with Pastor Michael Miano.

Michael    Miano ,    of    The    Blue    Point Bible   Church ,”   located   in   New   York, is   someone   I   have   known   since   he once   lived   in   Florida    sharing   during his   free   time   on   a   radio   talk,   called Miano   Gone   Wild ,”   until   the   Blue   Point   asked him    to    pastor    in    New    York    where    he    now resides. Michael    Miano    has    also    written    a    rebuttal towards    a    Fulfilled    Magazine     article    that leaned     towards     supporting     the     imaginary satan,   entitled   “… Yahweh’s   Divine   Counsel ,” and    Michael’s    was    entitled    Who    Is    That?!? Yahweh’s   Divine   Counsel ”   (Part   1    &   2 )   which goes   by   the   same   title,   almost,   but   seems   to be   asking   a   question   while   he   goes   towards explaining   a   more   accurate   Biblical   stance   on the Divine Council . The Devil; Who? Name that Satan!   (Part 1|2|3) In the year 2017, Michael Miano is said to come out     with     a     new     book     dealing     with     this Imaginary satan.
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World Without End Ministry

John P. Crandell, who resides in the Philippines at this present time, maintains the site World Without End, Philippines: Mission Outreach, Eschatology 101, Social Changes: in the Philippines, WWE-WIX, and Satan Dispelled. When Berean Bible Church was recording their messages on tape, John has helped to convert them all over to mp3 and helped to display them on line until they were able to take it over when their own site was redesigned by Jeff. John also has a few article disputing the existence of the (satan) such as What is Satan?, Sons of God angelic beings or human beings? Gen. 6:2, Eden figurative or literal in Ezekiel 28 & 31, and also manages the Satan Dispelled facebook room along with YouTube. Satan Dispelled can also be found at WIX.  
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For and Against the existence of the (Satan)

The sites that I am sharing does not mean that I support all that they are stating. I am sharing these sites as resources so that you can gather information for yourself. If any site I posted, that tends to support the existence of the(Satan), it is highly assumed that they also support a serpent seed doctrine or the intercourse of fallen angels with women that they find in their Genesis 6 interpretation. This site believes the Genesis 6 is speaking of Cain and Seth and not fallen angels.

Those who believes in the

Imaginary Devil

David B. Curtis of Berean Bible Church who did a series on Spiritual Warfare Pt 1-6 when walking thru the book of Ephesians. Jeffrey T. McCormack of Berean Bible Church has topics on the subject as well as an article in the Fulfilled Magazine  Summer of 2016. Ed Stevens of IPA International Preterist Association supports the existence of an imaginary satan. Don K. Preston of Preterist Research Institute supports an imaginary satan although he does not much speak about it even though it is in his writings. Ron Rhodes, of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries, supports an imaginary satan.

The Topic of the (Satan)

Devil is Not Real” myths have been repeated so many times in Christendom that they became established concepts, yet we will debunk each one of them. …there’s a mixture of truth and falsity in every belief system. The Real Devil: a Biblical exploration” by Duncan Heaster The Devil” John Epps (1805–1869) Satan Dispelled (Part 1 | 2) SATAN: THE GREAT DECEPTION! by Francis Beffert Jonathan A Forgor | CONTEXTUAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE TERM “satan/devil”. Isaac Newton - 'Paradoxical Questions concerning the morals & actions of Athanasius & his followers' - "...in the 17th century, Isaac Newton rejected the popular idea of the Devil and demons, and in his “Paradoxical questions concerning Athanasius”, Newton blames Athanasius as being especially responsible for introducing this false idea into popular Christianity."

The Topic of Hell…

Hell is Not Real” We are Hellbusters living in a world without end. As delusions and ignorance rapidly corrupt young minds, we are always on call and online making a brave stance for truth and freedom. What's behind the rise of Hellbusters like us? Well, if you really want to know, you'll have to connect with us in order to find out. The Bible Hell” by John Wesley Hanson The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment” by Edward Fudge Raising Hell: Christianity's Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire” by Julie Ferwerda Edward Fudge who wrote “The Fire That Consumes” and “Hell–A Final Word.” What Does the Bible Teach About "Hell"? (Part 1 | 2)  
These are sources that leans towards supporting an Imaginary Satan.
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